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Recently, the new social stratum representative association was solemnly held in the park. Wang Xianhua, Executive Vice Minister of the United Front Department of the District Committee, attended the unveiling ceremony and made an important speech. Green Angel Pioneer Park led incubators to attend the fraternity and was awarded by the United Front Department of the District Committee.“Sunshine United Front Workstation”Honorary title.

The United Front Department of Chengyang District“Sunshine Chengyang”Leading by construction“Sunshine United Front·Concentric dream”Work brand is to grasp, establish rules and regulations, strengthen platform awareness, strengthen team building, close contact and communication, and constantly expand.“Circle of friends”Painting large“Concentric circles”To further construct a new pattern of united front work. At the same time, the United Front Department of the District Committee has also set new examples in six aspects: system building, standardization, team leading, platform building, activities and brand building, so as to ensure better leadership and demonstration, constantly improve the normative system of the organs, intensify cadre training, and effectively improve the overall quality of cadres. build“Straight through type”,“All-weather”,“Zero distance”Communication Platform, Utilization“Gather together to win”Wechat Public Signal realizes all-weather contact with the members of the United Front, guides and encourages the members of the United Front to exert positive energy in their work posts and public welfare undertakings, and realizes win-win situation of self-value and social value.

Through this festival, Green Angel Industrial Park will lead member enterprises to firmly establish democratic consciousness, innovative consciousness and service consciousness, play an active role in social management, do more practical things for member units, do more good things, give full play to the function of the festival, so that the broad membership can be expanded through the platform of the festival. Make it bigger, stronger and better. Green Angel Pioneer Park will unite with all its members and work hand in hand. Under the correct leadership of the District Committee and under the specific guidance of the United Front Department of the District Committee, it will take advantage of the east wind of the conference, make great efforts with pride, seize opportunities, meet new challenges, and build an ecologically livable, quality and vigorous North Coast central city of Jiaozhou Bay. Make new and greater contributions.

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