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In July, for happy wooden doors, it was an uncommon month. Happy wooden doors seize opportunities and gather momentum ahead, and have made remarkable achievements. To this end, happy wooden doors in July 26th, in the longevity gold Fengshan Hotel held a bright sword Flower City, beyond the peak - the twentieth China (Guangzhou) Expo award ceremony.
The flowers and the trophy are ready
The opening of the host and the formal start of the activities
A broad review, applause
There is infinite possibility in everyone's heart
Believe in yourself, everything is possible
Hard, you fight in the front line
And every happy person in the back of the back
Forward! Move towards a new journey!
Mr. Zhou Changyou, deputy general manager of happy wood door
Outstanding staff Award: Liu Yannan, Chen Shi, Zhang Jianhua, Zhang Zhengwei, Dai Xingli
Special Contribution Award: Sun Wei
Outstanding contribution award: Ye Bin
Best sales award: Tan Qianwu
Best team award: Zhou Changyou, Tan Qianwu, Ye Bin, Jiang Shuai, Chen Weiqiang, Wu Xiaodong
Exciting activities, detonating happiness
I'm not a sticker game
It's time to perform real technology
To shake with the music
A game of playing the world
On the field
The sound of laughter in the field
Wonderful song performance
The melodious song of the Yellow ocean
Finally, Mr. Yao Bin, the general manager of the happy wooden door, gave a speech
Thanks to every one's pay, it is worth praising. Thanks to the sales in the front line, to create a proud achievement; to thank the new people, to bring new strength for the happiness; to thank the brand department, to innovate constantly, to provide ammunition for the front line; to thank the production department, to create a wooden door with ingenuity. There is a great effort to work together.
Honor is the responsibility, when we get trust and achievement, it means that we must be responsible for each customer, accumulate a word of mouth, and the future happy wooden doors will continue to move forward.
Dreams belong to everyone and believe in the power of believing. Happy wooden doors are willing to provide a platform for every happy person to achieve a more brilliant future and realize common dreams.
The learning party can get more energy. In every uncertain situation, every learning can bring new abilities and changes and remain competitive.
In July, it was only a start
14 years of happy wooden doors
Do not forget the former heart in the past
In the future, happy wooden doors must not be expected
To continue to do better, to serve every customer


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